Zoom Videoconferencing Consulting Services

In response to the current Covid 19 crisis, many organizations unable to meet in person are switching to on-line meetings to bring their people together. Zoom.us software has proven to be one of the most popular choices for enabling participants to connect, discuss and decide current and long term strategies related to their businesses, organizations and communities.

To assist your organization in conducting on-line meetings that remain focused, engaging and productive, Nikos Theodosakis is available to help your team through the design, plan, execution and follow up steps of your next Zoom meeting.

For almost twenty years, Nikos has been presenting and facilitating on-line with a variety of organizations internationally both as a content provider through keynotes and presentations at virtual conferences, as well as instructing on the topic of media and specifically media designed for on-line instruction and participation.

Nikos works with meetings organizers to look at the framework of what makes a successful Zoom meeting, including…

Meeting Design

  • Developing clear meeting goals and desired outcomes.
  • Creating a meeting agenda and time schedule
  • Considering and designing participant interaction


  •    Identifying presentation slides, images, videos, documents to be shared
  •    Preparing poll questions
  •    Evaluating technical requirements, password settings, 
  •    Identifying participants and securing emails and phone numbers

Testing & Training

  • Testing and/or training of host/admin prior to meeting
  • Best practices for video (angles, lighting, composition)
  • Best practices for audio 


  • Administration of meeting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring chat

Content Sharing

  • Distribution of recording and/or transcripts
  • Following up
  • Evaluation

In addition to working with organizations to consider their zoom meeting designs, Nikos is also available to facilitate Zoom meetings and to co-present with an organization’s designated administrator.

Every organization and every meeting is unique, please contact Nikos to discuss your requirements and to create a custom facilitation, training and support strategy.