Film directors bring ideas to life. Long before there is an image on the silver screen, there is a seed of an idea that grows inside their brain. And with time, that idea is shared with the world.

But how exactly do film directors do that?
What tools do they use to transform intangible ideas into the real, unseen worlds into the seen, the vague into the specific, and the mass of creative and technical work that is a movie into definable, executable actions?

And perhaps most importantly, how do they bring together a diverse and specialized team to focus on and realize a shared, precise vision?

And what the heck does any of that have to do with business, strategic planning and organizational growth!

The Thinking Like A Film Director workshop invites participants to look at their organization through a different lens. It examines how scripts, storyboards, breakdowns, schedules and other film production tools ensure the film directors successful transformation of ideas from imagination to screen and demonstrates how these same tools can be transferred from the creative world of the filmmaker to the creative world of the organization leader with successful results.

The first half of the workshop focuses on helping you define the story you wish to tell about your product, service or idea and in the process, articulate and expand a corporate vision that matters. The second half takes your vision and helps you turn it into a plan with actionable tasks and a schedule with accountable timelines.

Reserve your spot today and join local business leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs for a refreshing and creative day imagining where your organization is going, why that’s important, and how you will begin the journey to get there.

The Thinking Like A Film Director workshop will be held at the new Tempest Theatre and Film Studio at 125 Eckhardt Avenue East. Coffee and registration from 8-9, workshop runs 9am – 5pm with a break to walk down the block to Theo’s for lunch (included in the ticket price). Complimentary wine networking reception to follow after the workshop. Detailed workshop agenda here!


Wed, March 6, 2019
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Tempest Theatre & Film Society
125 Eckhardt Ave East, Penticton, BC

Refunds up to 3 days before the event