Here are some tips to help you make short instructional videos with your iPad.


  • Write down the goal of the video you would like to make. For example, imagine creating a video of how to best answer the phone. Perhaps the goal is “To share with all staff, procedures and language to be used in answering the phone so as to provide a consistent, efficient and human experience to the people we serve.”
  • Write down the steps involved in this process. For example, the phone rings, the phone is picked up, what is the first thing said?, how are calls forwarded, how are the most frequent questions answered. What happen’s when the phone call is over. Is there a phone log?
  • Write down a shot list plan for each step. In a two column chart, list the step on the left and your plan to shoot it on the right. For example, you may want to start with a wide shot when the phone rings to let the audience know where this is happening. And then when it is picked up, perhaps that is a closer shot.  If a directory or binder is referenced in order to forward a call or answer a question, that might be a good time for a close up. In addition to the steps, you may also want to have an introduction or summary which could be a narrator or on camera person describing some of the reasons or philosophy behind the language and process and the goal of providing this level of service.
    • INTRODUCTION                                Medium shot of announcer talking about phone goals
    • Phone Rings                                          Wide shot of reception
    • Phone picked up                                   Close up of receptionist
      • Greeting                                              Continues
      • Question                                             Continues
      • Response                                            Continues
    • Binder referenced                                 Close up of binder
    • Good byes                                               Close up of receptionist


  • Charge the iPad the night before
  • Open the iPad/ Open the Camera App/ Select Video
  • Rehearse your talent, see where they will be, look at the iPad screen and the live video and get a feel for where to best shoot from.  For a training video, the closer the better, especially if we are to teach particular steps. Utilize all the frame instead of having a lot of empty ceiling or floor space.
  • If recording location audio, use an external microphone and plug it into the headphone jack at the top of the iPad.
  • When ready, press the red record button, you will see the numbers above the buttons advance and the red link blink on and off. This means it is now recording.
  • Once it is recording, ask your talent to start. “Action!”
  • Record the entire action required and then press the red button again to end filming.
  • The video clip is saved in the photo album which you can access by pressing the Photos icon.

Post Production ( Editing )

  • Open iMovie icon
  • On the top row there is a choice of watching VIDEOs you have shot, creating or working on editing a PROJECT, or viewing a finished video in THEATRE. It should already have PROJECTS highlighted.
  • To add a new project, tap on the plus sign at the top right of the screen under the battery icon.
  • Select MOVIE, you can select a template by scrolling through the templates at the bottom of the screen and preview what it looks like by pressing the white triangle Play button. The SIMPLE template works fine to get started. To begin, press the create button at the top right of the screen.
  • At the top right, you will see VIDEO, PHOTOS and AUDIO. Selected recently added and you will see the videos you have recently filmed.
  • Scroll through the videos to find the first shot in your project. If you tap on it once, it is selected and you can see this because it has a yellow border around the clip. You can preview the clip by pressing the white triangle play button. If this is the shot you wish to use, you can tap the downwards arrow icon to the left of the white play button and it will be placed below in what is called the Timeline.