Studio A : Storyboard

On your printed out storyboard forms, sketch out what we would see for each shot, to help us visualize what you imagine for your desired scene or sequence. They don’t have to be masterpieces, even stick people are fine!

Decide who in the group is tackling each shot or series of shots. Share your drawings with your group (simply hold up the storyboard forms for others to see).

Take a photo of the image with your phone, import it into  your computer, and then import it into the IMAGE column in the form below.

Copy and paste Shot Descriptions and Audio from the Shot List page into the columns below.



ECU=Extreme Close Up  CU= Close Up M=Med Shot  WS- Wide Shot  EST= Establishing


EST. Boardroom. A dozen people are gathered around a boardroom table.

Sounds of people chatting.

M – CAROL, a manager, gets up and walks to the front of the room, behind her is a large screen monitor with a title slide displayed reading EllaCorp Sales Meeting 2021.




“Next on the agenda, we’re going to have Pat present on new opportunities for product sales.”
3M – PAT gets up from her chair and joins Carol at the front of her room, thanking her, and pointing her remote to her laptop to advance the slide.“Thanks Carol. Though we have focused on bricks and mortar resellers this last decade, my team has been analyzing emerging opportunities in the online space and would like to propose to you today that we look at developing our own on-line sales channel…one of the…”