Studio C : Breakdown

Studio C


  1. Go through your scene(s) and identify the different ELEMENTS that make up that scene.
    Create a list of elements for each CATEGORY and create new categories if necessary. Categories can include Equipment, Technology, Facility, HR, Training, Admin, Policies & Procedures. Ask questions for each.
    • What equipment or technologies are depicted in your scene?
    • What facility specific elements are there?
    • What training do the people have?
    • What human resources are indicated?
    • What policies and procedures are assumed?

2.  After identifying all the elements for your scene, identify what RESEARCH QUESTIONS can be asked of each element. In the example of the presentation, the scene refers to a policy on meeting protocols so that ideas can be respectively heard.

    • What is that policy exactly? What is the language used?
    • When do employees find out about it during their training?
    • How is it explained during training, how is it contextualized?
    • Was it developed in-house or through consultants or researching best practices at other organizations?
    • Are there reminders of this policy posted?
    • What are the consequences of not following this policy, if any? 

Try to list at least three questions for each element.

3. After listing questions for each element, pick 5 questions, from all the questions you have generated in all the categories, that you feel you can SCHEDULE to research between now and the end of August 2021. Be ready to present the answers when we meet again in September. Some of the “answers” may be newly considered questions which will have to be researched further.

4. Research your questions and use this space to make notes on what you have found and to also record further questions that have been generated.

There is an example shown at the bottom of this page.



FACILITY: (Office Layout & Design, Accessibility, Specific Rooms, Exterior Spaces, Interior Spaces)
TECHNOLOGIES: (Training & Operations Software, VR, Sims, Language Apps, Video conferencing, Video Documenting and Best Practices, etc)
HUMAN RESOURCES / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: (Pro-Development, Outside Experts, Community Partners, Global Resources)
SYSTEMS: (Policies & Procedures)