Studio C : Ideas


Studio C

Our big idea and our guiding question is “What does workplace inclusion look like in our organization in three years?”

At this stage, our goal is to generate a list of possible ideas of what this big idea might look like in practice.

We begin by generating and recording ideas for a scene that would demonstrate that idea.

Take a look at the example at the bottom of the page which explores a few different aspects of Workplace Inclusion and sample ideas for scenes.

No need to worry about how doable it is or where the resources will appear from. First we vision, then resources appear!


  1. All voices and ideas are heard — show a scene in a boardroom where a person making a presentation is interrupted and how that is addressed.
  2. Diverse hiring — show a scene with two people putting together an advertisement for recruiting and the choices in language they use.
  3. Language assistance — show a scene where an employee accesses documents in their native language to help them clearly understand the execution of their tasks.