Studio D : Script

Studio D


Here in the SCRIPT section, your group will create a movie sequence that shares a vision of what workplace inclusion might look like in your organization in the near future. Review the ideas your group generated in the IDEAS section and select a few of those ideas to develop into a scene. A group of related scenes is called a sequence. There’s an example of a scene at the bottom of this page. This example includes dialogue, however  you can also create a scene by writing it in paragraph form and leaving dialogue till later.

Use headers to let us know where the scene takes place. (INT.=Interior, EXT.= Exterior)

Your whole team can work on the same paragraph or split things up and work on different parts simultaneously, then review each other’s ideas and have a group discussion to develop scenes and reach consensus.


SEQUENCE TITLE: Presentation


A dozen employees are gathered around a boardroom table. At the front of the room, a manager introduces one of the employees.


Next on the agenda, we’re going to have Pat present on new opportunities for product sales.


Thanks Carol. Though we have focused on bricks and mortar resellers this last decade, my team has been analyzing emerging opportunities in the online space and would like to propose to you today that we look at developing our own on-line sales channel…one of the…

Pat is interrupted by one of the employees.


Didn’t we talk about this last year, and we decided it was a very bad idea for us?



…actually, yes, but that was before Covid, and before online retail become what it is, and as of today, one of the main differences…


…but we talked about this, we know our distribution partners were doing an ok job without us shifting our focus….

Carol steps forward to the front and stands next to Pat.


Brian, we value your input but I would like to remind you that our policy at all our meetings is to first hear the entire presentation and then to open up the floor to questions. Let’s please allow Pat to present the findings that her team worked hard to gather for us.

Pat continues on with her presentation.