Studio D : Shot List

Studio D


Take a look at the paragraphs you wrote in the SCRIPT section and imagine them as a movie.

Write the details of what we would see in your movie, shot by shot. Check out the SHOT LIST example below. It’s natural to add or delete details and ideas as you flesh out your script paragraphs into a Shot List.


In the Narration column, add what we hear in each shot. It could be a narrator’s voice-over, a person on screen who is speaking to the camera or to another person, it could be specific music, sound effects, silence, or a combination of all of these.

Try using some of these screenplay terms to help visualize what kind of shot it is:

ECU=Extreme Close Up 

CU= Close Up

M=Med Shot 

WS- Wide Shot 

EST= Establishing


SEQUENCE TITLE: Ideas are heard

ECU=Extreme Close Up  CU= Close Up M=Med Shot  WS- Wide Shot  EST= Establishing





EST-A dozen people are gathered around a boardroom table. 



M – CAROL, a manager, gets up and walks to the front of the room, behind her is a large screen monitor with a title slide displayed reading EllaCorp Sales Meeting 2021. 

“Next on the agenda, we’re going to have Pat present on new opportunities for product sales.”


M – PAT gets up from her chair and joins Carol at the front of her room, thanking her, and pointing her remote to her laptop to advance the slide.

Thanks Carol. Though we have focused on bricks and mortar resellers this last decade, my team has been analyzing emerging opportunities in the online space and would like to propose to you today that we look at developing our own on-line sales channel…one of the…”


CU- Brian, one of the employees sitting at the boardroom table,  interrupts Pat.

“Didn’t we talk about this last year, and we decided it was a very bad idea for us?”


CU- Pat looks a little shaken but replies.

“…actually, yes, but that was before Covid, and before online retail become what it is, and as of today, one of the main opportunities…”


CU- Brian interrupts once again.

“…but we talked about this, we know our distribution partners were doing an ok job without us shifting our focus….


M – Carol steps forward to the front and stands next to Pat.

Brian, we value your input but I would like to remind you that our policy at all our meetings is to first hear the entire presentation and then to open up the floor to questions. Let’s please allow Pat to present the findings that her team worked hard to gather for us.”