Thinking Like A Film Director

With Nikos Theodosakis

Production Studio

Welcome to the Production Studio!

Imagine it’s three years from now and a film crew has arrived at your front door.  They are here to make a film about you and what it is you are doing. They’re here because you are being recognized for your success,  your innovation and for your leadership in its field.

You have been asked to show the film crew around, to take them on a tour, to show them what’s going on, to illustrate what exactly you do and how exactly you do it.

You will be directing what the camera will shoot, and what the audiences Will see.

The film crew is shooting this film because it will be broadcast and featured on the television program, “mattering”. This program looks at people who are creating rich, meaningful, purpose-filled experiences for themselves, the people they love and the communities in which they all live.

You will be arranging interviews with your team, your clients, and… The stories the film crew are most interested in sharing, and audiences are most interested in hearing, are the stories of how what you do matters to you, Why that is so, and how along the way, how others have discovered what matters to them.   (?!)

So if your ready to start thinking like a film director,


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