It all starts with a vision that matters.  long Before actors are rehearsed and cameras begin to roll, directors are illuminated by a clear vision of the story they aspire to tell.  Holding that vision, they  begin the impossible journey of rallying scarce resources, overcoming logistical obstacles, solving impossible problems and inspiring others to do the same. When done, they have the joy of seeing what was once only a possibility inside their heads now become a reality that will forever be shared with the rest of the world.

And as the director carries their vision for what will be, they also have a clear sense of why it must be. The why provides them with a clear sense of purpose for the undertaking.

vision without purpose may create technically fantastic movies, but they may have no heart. The best films are born out of vision with purpose and that purpose comes from creating something that matters.

Let’s begin by exploring your vision. What is it that you would like to see in your personal or professional life?

And then, why does that seeing that vision realized matter to you,  why do you care about this?

What is your vision?


Why does it matter to you?