Thinking Like A Film Director Two Day Workshop Outline

8:00 Coffee is served, registration.

9:00 Introductions. Presentation: Welcome to Filmmaking / The Directors Viewfinder : How You Look at Things

9:30 Activity: Your Film Today – What does that film look like?  Imagining Your Film from the Future.

10:00 Presentation: The Filmmaking Process: IDEA – PLAN – ACTION – EDIT – SHOW

10:30 Developing STATEMENTS from perspectives of owners, staff, suppliers and customers of what your organization is, what it does, what it looks like, and why it matters. Statements are expanded with detailed DESCRIPTIONS.

11:30 Presentation: STORYBOARDS & SCRIPT

12:00 Activity: Articulating your future scenes with STORYBOARDS. Developing a two-minute narration SCRIPT for your scene.


9:00 am Presentation: PITCHING & REVISING

9:30 Activity: Participants PITCH their scenes and present their narration and storyboards. (Optional if you’d rather not share your plans.) Group gives FEEDBACK for each scene. Is it clear? Does it demonstrate areas of focus & mattering?

10:30 REWRITE Scenes into 2nd Draft Scripts.

11:30 Presentation: SCRIPT BREAKDOWNS – Deconstructing the vision into specifics.

12:00 BREAKDOWNS – Activity: Identify scene elements required for People, Equipment & Tech, Facility Requirements. Other Resources, Detail each element and identify the next action step or steps.

1:00 WORKING LUNCH – (Lunch Provided)

2:00 SCHEDULING – Prioritize tasks for each department. Create a timeline with goals and tasks Call Sheet / Shooting Schedule Create Action plan for next 30, 60, 90 days.

3:00 Workshop ends. Networking & Discussion Gathering.